“Anything worth doing is worth doing badly”

This quote should have been completed with the caveat -in the beginning!
Too often you allow your own perfectionism to sabotage your success,  you stop yourself before you even begin… and how do you con yourself about this inaction?
Why you just tell yourself that you need to read more books on the subject, to watch more videos, do more research because you have to get it right!

Because somehow you believe that you are NOT good enough to be successful, yet you and I know that this is just an excuse, a bellyache from the ego that prefers you to stick to status quo and not take any risks. The mind can be amazing at creating excuses to not perform.

To aim for the sky you must learn to avoid the ceiling fan

When you choose to stop believing in your limitations,  stop fuelling the anchors that hold you down, eventually you come to the shocking revelation that you’re most prised reason for not succeeding…

And by that I mean that thing you keep telling yourself and what and who you blame for holding you back.. in the end I tell you that it is all bullshit.
Just another excuse not to act to do to achieve…

Yes I said bullshit , pristine writing may please but I dont want to glorify your excuses, I want you to realise what they are so that you can be empowered to drop the excuses and simply take every step in the direction of your goals.