About me

My name is Brian Colborne,


I have been passionate about NLP and self improvement and enhancing performance for several years,  well as long as I can remember – I was motivated to find ways to improve my own performance and enhance my minds effectiveness.

I can use a synergy of the following skills/modalities,

  • NLP – neuro linguistic programming
  • Hypnosis
  • Self Image enhancement as found in psycho-cybernetics.(this is reccomended reading if you are interested in self improvement)
  • Dietary and lifestyle considerations that affect the mind and performance.

I like to work on several key areas:

  • Improving self confidence – self confidence  is the hidden key to effectiveness in all areas in life. – this is accomplished by strengthening your self concept – accurately.
  • The ability to focus and concentrate and work effectively with speed and great accuracy while under deadline pressure.
  • Improving personal initiative – one of the most prised skills – as its SO rare.. having this skill practically garuantees success in anything you do, and not having it garuantees underperformance.
  • To improve clarity and mental acuity – ie actually be smarter and more mentally agile.
  • To remove limiting beliefs – sometimes we have beliefs about our abilities that block our performance, this can be removed quickly using NLP and you can also replace limiting beliefs by:
  • Installing empowering beliefs into your self image/self concept – this can be accomplished with NLP and self concept management.
  • reducing stress –the ability to make myself cope under stressful situations and relax.