How to upgrade your results in life:

I dont know if you have tried again and again to overcome procrastination or whether you are just feeling held back by some limiting belief or circumstance you seem unable to overcome, if this is you then I have good news, read on..
It is said that you cannot get to where you want to go with the level of thinking that got you where you are. *Einstien. Sometimes stuckness seems to paralyse us and keep us from progressing in life, but there is a way to overcome this, its called managing your self image..

self limitations

To Drop Your Self Imposed Limitations – read on.
Let me introduce your self image: it is the self concept – the thing that has been created by all the thousands of impressions, beliefs and upbringing we have had and the constant exposures to the people around us and their ‘installing’ of their limiting belief systems into you – often when you were a child.. and so you cant be blamed!

You see you cannot outperform your own self is like a thermostat – keeping you persistently performing at what YOU think of as YOUR limits..

This stuff kept me held back for years and so I decided once I had found the answers by studying NLP and psycho cybernetics and hypnosis that it IS possible to change your performance, I created a self improvement 101 course – if you care to sign up its the big form on the right with Get Access now on the bar on the right 🙂

It will have info on how to improve and upgrade the results in your life eg:
How to improve your self concept /self image -you need to manage your self image and your mind to get peak performance and better results in life,
you want to get action oriented?
want to quit procrastinating.
You want to improve performance in any skill or behavior?

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most people are stuck unable to perform better than they do no matter how well intentioned they are, because of their self image or self concept, which is full of false limitations, I can garuantee we all have some limitations that are holding us back.

My name is Brian Colborne, and I have been as much a victim of my own limited thinking – specifically an impoverished self image (in nlp this is sometimes referred to as your map of reality- but with a slight twist, this is the part of the map concerning YOU and your way of coping with things and your general ‘programming.. *most of this info is from using concepts I gained from reading psycho cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz
I am kind of real about life and not overly oriented towards creating a false self image to prove this check out my drawing of the self concept, see I am able to shame myself publically..
you see on many levels we are robots, we react as we have learnt to by accepting the ideas and concepts of who we are based on the feedback (often obsolete or incomplete – especially to a child) we got as a child or adolescent.
we accept harsh self judgments because they were delivered by an authority figure eg a parent, often in a moment of anger one of our parents said something that got stuck now in us as a program ‘youll always fail, you never amount to much unless(and we stopped listening there as the command was implanted already) often by a well meaning parent who didnt realise the impact their speech would have on us and they didnt understand the embedded commands they were giving us as kids.

Self imposed limitations vs real limitations

Self imposed limitations vs real limitations – perhaps I should use this process on my hand drawing skills..
so back to the self image: this is like the cornerstone that is most often left out or forgotten when we research all the how to stuff online or by reading self help books, fortunately it is covered in great detail by a classic, called psycho cybernetics, by maxwell maltz..
the self image literally controls EVERYTHING from how you look, to how you perform in every area of your life, if you have any issues with performance – it is definitely rooted in your self image, usually as a limiting belief that is now accepted as fact..
once a belief is installed in the subconcious mind, it is accepted as fact and never reviewed or called into question and it stays there so well hidden that we cannot recognise this silent assassin that sabotages all our efforts to improve ourselves.. every effort will be sabotaged becos you CANNOT outperform your self image program for yourself in that particular area.
The only way to get rid of this underperformance is to alter the self concept or root of how you think of yourself in this area…
so what is the golden key to overcoming negative self image programming..
Fortunately this is fairly simple and produces rapid results fairly quickly..
We employ the same techniques the bad beliefs used to get so embedded in the first place..

How to reprogram your self image.

take stockfirstly you need to assess how you are performing now in a given area you wish to may already have an idea of what aspect of your self image you need to work on, but in case you are just going for a more general approach here are some tips..firstly, take stock of your life, which areas are you happy with, and content with, where are you really happy, what works? write this down.secondly, look at your life now and see what areas are consistently dissapointing you, what are the things you just cant get right no matter how hard you try?these are the areas most likely the areas where you have a limiting belief such as “I always attract the wrong kind of partner” or I always mess things up at work etc.

Choose A new level of competence

basically even if you have never been ‘good’ in a particular area, you need to create or communicate to your self image – your subconcious mind what you want, and it will set about to create these circumstances in your life.
Create a mental movie, focussing in detail on how you look, feel, sound during the performing of your desired outcome or life..

Your Mental Movie

create a mental movie of yourself performing or being successful in whatever you desire.
Choose a time where you will not be disturbed for about 15 mins.. and replay this mental movie, really feeling the intensity of yourself ‘doing the activity or living the life you are desiring’. keep replaying this movie once a day for 21 days… and you will be a very different person at the outcome..
I created a course with step by step guidance and NLP enhancement of these processes, including limiting belief zapping, if you want access to this awesomeness go to the right and click Get Access Now – you will get access to my self improvement 101 email course..